Corporate Training

The Butterfly technique provides a clear vocabulary and practical ways of working which can support all areas of communication. If you are looking for ways to develop your connections with colleague or clients, whether you work in law, education, medicine, public relations, sales, or any area that requires human contact, we can help. 

This unique technique touches the unique individuals in your organisation and allows them to make the fullest contribution that only they can bring. Our advanced training has been developed using theatre approaches and texts, particularly Shakespeare, as a way to stimulate your current and potential leaders into their full power.


Education Workshops

Butterfly are passionate about:

  • Discovering the joy of wrestling and wrangling with Shakespeare’s words and ideas. 
  • Empowering you to own Shakespeare's language and expand your own. 
  • Bringing Shakespeare texts not just to life, but to your life. 

Turning every classroom into an ensemble company, we create safe spaces to explore how to bring a text to life through empowering and inspiring young people and their teachers.  

We work with groups of students from KS2 through to KS5 to support their understanding of a play, and with groups of teachers to develop innovative ways of studying a text.

During a Butterfly workshop teachers and students will: 

  • Explore texts from an actor’s point of view, delving deeply into the interpretive possibilities, the hows and whys behind what the characters say. 
  • Discover your personal connections with the characters’ thoughts and feelings, hopes and fears, desires and duties.
  • Be supported to stand outside the text as directors and scholars, examining the overview of themes and plot, and exploring different possible choices of staging and context.

We outline a simple way to explore characters’ motivation, history, and relationships, whilst discovering and sharing our individual thoughts and feelings about what those characters say and do. Through finding everyone's unique connection to the text, we build our understanding of each other and our skills of communication in the real world.  


Aileen Gonsalves our artistic director has over 20 years of experience, including 13 years associated with the RSC as an assistant director, educational practitioner, RSC national and international  youth ensemble director and current associate director on the ground breaking The Tempest and the director of the RSC First Encounter Tempest. As well as multiple award winning productions of Shakespeare with Butterfly theatre across the world Oman, Germany and across the UK in unusual spaces caves, castles as well as theatres across the UK. Equally passionate about education and theatre she headed up the MA in acting course at Arts Ed Drama school for 4 years and bring a wealth of experience with her into your classroom.


Our key collaborator and Shakespeare in education consultant and practitioner is Dr Tracy Irish. Tracy is a practitioner, writer and researcher, specialising in active approaches to Shakespeare for education. She is an experienced teacher of English and drama in UK and international contexts and develops work with students and teachers from primary to postgraduate levels. She has worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company since 2007 as an Education Associate Practitioner, and with Butterfly since 2012. She is a visiting lecturer at the Universities of Birmingham and Warwick, where she has a close association with the Business School.